Castle Quest Beta Signup!

Castle Quest is nearing alpha/beta release, so we set up a registration form for anyone interested in participating in the alpha/beta of Castle Quest! If you subscribe, we will also keep you up to date on development progress as we near the alpha test. The alpha is currently scheduled for April 2013, and we will be inviting people from this list to participate in it. Be the first to playtest Castle Quest: subscribe now!

Subscribe here!

To whet your appetite, here’s a concept art sketch of the Dragon Nether Creature from the game:

3 thoughts on “Castle Quest Beta Signup!

  1. Nice, definitely looking forward to this! ;)
    As one of the few who defeated Phantom in the pre-alpha(?) last year, I definitely I’ll get the chance to try that again ;-p :-) )))

  2. Hey Gerto, i did beat you to!
    and indeed: really looking forward to this.
    hope we reach a nice playerbase!

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