Announcing Clockwork Rumble!

Clockwork Rumble is officially the new Sileni Studios game! It’s been under development for about a month, and we are now finally ready to show it to the public! We are very excited to share the game with you.

Clockwork Rumble is a fast-paced build-and-destroy physics game, in which you play a small robot in a huge clockwork machine, and you try to protect your power source from other robots who try to destroy it.

To do this, you build a fort around your Heart using tetris-like blocks, and then shoot at the other player with rocket launchers and grenades. Between protecting your heart from enemy fire, collecting powerups, shooting the enemy and taking care of environmental hazards, you’ll be a busy little robot!

Clockwork Rumble is a fast-paced, 1v1 local multiplayer game, featuring exciting 10-minute battles on a variety of maps. Build your defenses smart, take into account the environment and think on your feet, and you will be victorious!

The following infographic further illustrates the gameplay of Clockwork Rumble:

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