Call for Concept Artists

We are looking for a freelancer concept artist to work with us on improving the impact of the graphics of our game, Mayan Death Robots. Below you can find a video of how the game looks today:

We want to improve the in-game graphics, so that they “pop” more in screenshots and trailers. To do this, we are looking to contract a freelance concept artist for a few days to take a screenshot of the game, and enhance it to the point that it can be used in, for example, a poster.

We will then take this revamped/photoshopped/photobashed screenshot and use it as concept art to improve the game graphics ourselves. If your work is inspiring us, we might also commision you for additional work later.

This is an example of a screenshot we want you to manipulate into something Really Fucking Awesome:

It’s kind of a collage of different GUI elements, explosions, attacks and moments in the game. We want to pay you to turn this into something that makes you wanna buy the game right then and there.

If you are interested in this job, please contact me at and send me your portfolio.

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