Silenus is an open source java library that parses and interprets an Adobe Flash .FLA file. It can export this data in a clean, efficient JSON format ready for use in your browser. Silenus comes as a standalone library, which you can integrate in your java application, or as a stand-alone JAR file that will read your .FLA file and save the JSON data to disk. Silenus also comes with a javascript-based renderer, which will take the JSON data and render them to a canvas element.

The animation below was directly exported from a .FLA file and is rendered live using the javascript renderer. It consists of 24 body parts in a complex tree hierarchy, and is a sample from Castle Quest, the game currently under development by Sileni Studios. Silenus was developed to form a bridge between artists working in Flash, and programmers writing their game with HTML5 technologies.

Below the animation you can find a flow-chart describing the Silenus approach. For a full list of features and documentation, please refer to the Google code project.