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What is Castle Quest?

In Castle Quest, you take on the role of a mage who just left the safe haven of New Surathil to build a castle of his own on the Rodian Plains, as humanity attempts to repopulate a world that was devastated by a world-changing cataclysm several years ago. In the dungeons of your castle, you breed powerful creatures to do your bidding and fight for you against other mages who want to claim dominion over your land.

Castle Quest is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game aimed at hardcore gamers. The focus of the game lies on deeply tactical player-vs-player combat, where four elements (forest, death, air, earth) face off against each in a never-ending battle for supremacy. Whether you will be victorious depends on how you expand your castle, which creatures you summon and breed, and which choices you make in combat; Castle Quest is free-to-play but not pay-to-win.


  • Castle Quest features fast-paced, deeply tactical combat; think Magic: The Gathering meets Heroes of Might & Magic. Battles between players last about 5 minutes, and one mistake can cost you the victory. Choose your champions wisely, and equip them with items that compensate for their weaknesses. Try to find the ultimate army combination that will beat all others! More information on how combat works can be found below the bullet points.
  • Raise, nurture and train an army of powerful creatures to do your bidding! Let your creatures breed with each other to create bloodlinesand sell your new breed to other players for profit. By breeding, your creatures can evolve better fighting capabilities, a different appearance, the ability to talk and more. This allows you to create your own unique creature that is bred specifically to fill a particular role in your army. The sky is the limit!
  • Castle Quest is a free-to-play browser game for hardcore gamers. There is no pay-to-winhere – the only way to work your way to the top is by training the right creatures, giving them the right items and making the right choices during combat. We’re hardcore gamers ourselves, and we will not compromise our gameplay for money. You will, however, be able to customize your army in great detail by purchasing skins and customizing the looks of your creatures, down to their colors!
  • Invite your friends and start a kingdom together! Wage huge wars against other players by uniting your armies into one formidable force; more than 100 creatures can fight on one single battlefield! Kingdom wars maintain the tactical combat from 1v1 battles, but ups the scale tenfold!
  • Castle Quest is set to release in August 2013.


In Castle Quest, four elements fight for supremacy over the Rodian Plains: forest, death, air and earth. Each element has its own creatures, abilities and weaknesses. In a rock-paper-scissors fashion, each element receives double damage from another element. Building the ultimate army means seeking the right balance between the four elements, so that you can counter anything the opponent throws at you. Put too many Golems (earth) in your army, and you will be very weak against dragons (air). However, if you add too much revenants (death) to your army to compensate for your weakness against air, you will become weak against gargantuans (forest).

In the Champion Phase, both players pick their next fighter. In this phase, the player studies the odds his creatures have against the creatures of the opponent as well as the items they can use to reduce their odds, and choose a champion. Because both players choose their champion simultaneously, mindgames (or yomi) play a big role in this phase. Your odds against your opponent are determined by your stats (damage and health), the element your creature belongs to, and its passive abilities and age.

In the Item Phase, both champions have been chosen and cannot be changed anymore. Now, items can be used to further influence your odds. Originally, we had a measly 51% chance of winning, but by casting an Earth Shockwave, we reduced the damage of the enemy Boulder Imp by one point, and raised our odds to 100%.

When both players have finished using their items, the two champions will fight to the death. While both creatures originally had the same stats (3 damage, 5 health), the Boulder Imp now only has 2 damage remaining, and will lose the fight. One step closer to victory for us, but the battle is far from over! After this fight, the next Champion Phase will begin.


  • Official release trailer:

  • Massive 10-10 kingdom battles with 100+ creatures:
  • Preliminary gameplay trailer:
  • Movie of two imps fighting it out:
  • A kingdom on the world map:
  • Concept art for the four classes (forest, death, air, earth):

The 4 Classes